Test web sites, web servers and intranet applications


  • Lets you recreate various situations
  • Highly configurable


  • Too technical for novice users


After months of coding and designing, you have your website ready to go. But how can you test its performance under the hardest conditions?

With WAPT you can easily find the answer. This tool emulates diverse stress situations that your website, server or intranet service may have to confront in the future in order to test their overall performance and find possible bottlenecks that can cost you a lot of money.

WAPT includes a wide variety of options and features to recreate various conditions and perform different tests. You can emulate a high amount of network traffic or a huge load of simultaneous user connections, and calculate the time lapse between requests and server responses in order to evaluate your website.

The results of WAPT's tests are presented in both text reports and very descriptive charts. In any case, as you may imagine, WAPT is a technical tool that is mainly aimed at developers and system admins.

WAPT is a technical tool to test your website's performance under stressful conditions.

WAPT 4.0 is a load and stress testing tool that provides you with an easy-to-use, consistent and cost-effective way of testing web sites, web servers, and intranet applications with web interfaces. You may test and analyze the performance characteristics under various load conditions to find bottlenecks of your web applications. WAPT has a set of features to test web sites with dynamic content and secure HTTPS pages. It provides informative test results through descriptive graphs and reports.

Today thousands of businesses worldwide face the challenge of establishing their web presence - a goal difficult to achieve without efficient web site development and testing tools. Why is load and stress testing is so important? Most performance issues arise only when the server is stressed with a high user load. This means that you should perform load testing to know how many concurrent visitors your site can serve flawlessly. It can be difficult to organize such testing without the help of a group of real users. The right way is to use advanced automatic load and stress testing tools. WAPT can simulate up to several thousands real users to check the performance of your site and find any bottlenecks.




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